1810 NE First Ave
(971) 533-7428 –– voicemail only

Shop Hours

Mon: 5-8pm
Wed: 5-8pm 
Fri: 12-4pm
Sat: 12-4pm
Sun: 12-4pm
Women & Trans:
1st & 3rd Tuesdays 5:00 – 8:00pm
Open Shop Night (free shop time):
1st Thursdays 6:00 – 9:00pm
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Event Hosting

What sort of events happen in your space?

Bike Farm has hosted everything from small meetings to huge parties with live music. It serves as a monthly meeting space for local groups like the Portland Society and BikeLoud PDX. The shop also hosted well-attended events like Bike Craft and Repair Cafe. Let us know what you have in mind.

I have this great idea for an event at Bike Farm...

Talk to a core volunteer, or if you don’t know one already, send us an email. We will forward your request to the collective. From there, a few things need to happen:

  1. A Bike Farm key holder will need to support your event and agree to keep the shop open for its duration.
  2. You or a representative should come to a General Meeting (4th Tuesdays at 7pm) with a specific proposal and lots of details (number of attendees, plan for set up/ take down, plans for bike parking, space needs, etc.).
  3. The collective will vote by consensus (we are non hierarchical and vote by consensus-- more about that in How Bike Farm Runs).

Please keep in mind that larger events require permits and take time. The more notice, the better! The permitting process alone is a few weeks.

Our nonprofit is planning a fundraiser auction. Can you donate something?

Bike Farm can usually donate a pair of one-month memberships to like-minded organizations. Send us an email or attend a General Meeting and we’ll get back to you.