1810 NE First Ave
(971) 533-7428 –– voicemail only

Shop Hours

Summer Hours:
Mon: 5-9pm
Wed: 5-9pm 
Fri: 12-4pm
Sat: 12-4pm 
Sun: 12-4pm
Women & Trans Night:
1st & 3rd Tuesdays 5:00 – 8:00pm
Open Shop Night (free shop time):
1st Thursdays 6:00 – 9:00pm
Monthly General Meeting:
4th Tuesday 7:00 - 9:00pm
Monthly Volunteer Orientation:
3rd Wednesday 6:30pm
Monthly Volunteer & Patron Hangout:
3rd Thursday - check our Facebook for event location
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Using the Shop

What’s Bike Farm’s mission? 
Bike Farm aims to provide a space where people can learn about the bicycle and build community around promoting sustainable transportation. We strive to demystify the bike in order to impact the city in a healthy and positive way.

One volunteer once simplified this to say that we put tools in people’s hands.

What are your hours like?
Bike Farm has seasonal hours! Our Monday and Wednesday hours are increased during the “summer” season. All other hours remain the same.

Mon, Wed 5pm to 8pm
SUMMER HOURS 5pm to 9pm
Summer hours start April 1 and end September 30

What should I expect when I come into the shop?
You will be greeted by a greasy-armed volunteer and access to our tool board. We will ask you to sign in with your name and what you’re working on. One of our helpful mechanics will guide you through the process of examining and working on your bike. Before you leave you have the option of buying a membership, paying at an hourly rate, or volunteering your time. We don’t give parts away for free, but we generally won’t turn people away for stand time if they don’t have the funds.

Will you fix my bike?
No, Bike Farm isn’t a bike shop- we won’t fix your bike. Our shop is a bicycle education collective. Bike Farm’s volunteer mechanic-teachers are here to guide your learning.

Are you a bike shop?
No. First and foremost, we DO NOT do repairs for people. Instead, we guide you through your own repairs. We are not a retail shop, but we do sell used (and some new) parts for people who come in to fix their bikes.

Do you offer classes?
The shop sometimes offers workshops, but we don't have regular classes. If something is wrong with your bike, bring it in when we are open. No appointment necessary. We will help you learn to fix it.

There’s nothing wrong with my bike; can I still come in? 
Please do! If your bike is in great shape, but you want to learn a new skill, you are welcome to practice on shop bikes. Bike Farm has a large supply of donated bicycles that we are constantly building up and selling. Our core mechanics will guide your learning and make sure that the bikes are safe before they head out on the road.

Do you sell used parts?
Yes! We sell most of the parts that usually come on a bicycle. We're here to help you learn how to work on bikes, and as a by-product, we end up with quite an assortment of used parts in varying condition. We're not a thrift store, but that might help you to understand what to expect in terms of quality and predictability of our used parts inventory.

Does your shop buy used bikes or bike parts?
No, we do not. However, if you volunteer 16 hours per month, we can offer you $20/month in parts credit.

Does Bike Farm sell basic bike repair tool kits?
We should! We sell some of the things you would want in a bike repair tool kit, like tire levers and patch kits. But you're probably better off going to a bike shop if you want a full set; we don't always have multitools or hand pumps, etc. 
There is a comprehensive list of bike shops down the right-hand side of Bike Portland. Don't forget to pack some emergency chocolate!

Do you have any used inexpensive bikes for sale?

The shop has a rotating inventory of refurbished bikes that have been put together by volunteers. There tend to be a dozen options in the winter and a handful of options in spring and summer. Craigslist is another good place to find used bicycles (don’t forget to check the serial number to make sure it's not stolen!).

Keep in mind that if you're looking for a reliable bicycle, you may also want to have lights, a helmet, a U-lock, a bell, fenders and a rain jacket in winter, a bike rack, and some bike buckets or bike bags. 

With any complete bike (or as-is bike over $40) at Bike Farm, you'll get a one-month membership. The membership grants you access to the shop during open hours, as well as 20% off new parts (such as some of the above). So drop by within the first month after you buy a bike from Bike Farm!

How much does a used bike cost at Bike Farm?
Bike prices could range from $100 - $300 or even lower than $100 or higher than $300 depending on the frame, components, etc.

I bought a complete bike from the shop and it needs work.
Bikes are thought to be complete at time of sale, but we include a free one-month membership so that you can fix any problems that crop up. We never fix bikes for people – not even bikes that were purchased at Bike Farm. We provide the volunteer know-how so that you can learn to fix the bike yourself!

I came by during business hours and Bike Farm was closed. Why?
Because the organization is run by volunteers, we sometimes run into scheduling difficulties. We all do the best we can, and Bike Farm greatly appreciates all of our amazing volunteers. However, if there are not at least two people available to volunteer for a shift, we close the shop. We appreciate your understanding! And remember, everyone is more than welcome to volunteer to make sure the shop is open as much as possible.  If there’s a time you’re free to volunteer that the shop isn’t usually open, let us know.

Does your shop buy used bikes or bike parts?
No, we do not. However, if you volunteer 16 hours per month, we can offer you $20/month in parts credit.

Does Bike Farm have a program whereby an individual with no income can volunteer at the shop in exchange for a bike?

Not currently. Our Earn-a-Bike program existed in the past, and may exist in the future, so keep checking back. If you already have a bike and don’t have the funds to pay stand fees, you can opt to volunteer in exchange for using the stands (an hour for an hour).

If you are a Central City Concern client, you may have an opportunity to build a bike at no cost through Bikes for Humanity's new refurbished bike program.